Don´t destroy honey

Don´t destroy honey

I see people doing this all the time – one make himself a hot cup of tea and puts honey right in it. Nice, isn’t it? Please, don’t do it!

Honey is the only food in the world that does NOT have an expiration date. However, only 2 things destroy honey – humidity and high temperature.

Honey should be melted in lukewarm drinks. It shouldn’t be taken in hot drinks, because the heat destroys the valuable properties of the honey. Melted in lukewarm milk, the honey helps with insomnia, because it encourages the creation of serotonin, that is a hormone responsible for relaxing, good mood and sleep.

So try remembering it next time you make yourself a nice hot cup of tea – if you wait for 5 minutes before putting the honey, you will get all the benefits a spoon of honey brings to your body!