Food we will lose of the bees are not there anymore

Food we will lose of the bees are not there anymore

One of the topics we care about a lot is the danger in which the bees find themselves nowadays. But are we, as beekeepers, the only ones that should be afraid of the possibility of a world without bees?

It might seem like a Sci-fi scenario that, one day, the bees would simply disappear. But even the reduction in bee colonies that we are seeing nowadays here, in Europe, is frightening!

Why do I choose such a grim topic for my second blog post?

Well it is exactly because of the importance of this problem for all of us. Yes, there are many nice topics to write about that are related to beekeeping, and I promise to try to keep a positive line in this blog. However, this topic is so important that it should be screamed out instead of simply writing about it.

I am also writing about this topic, because I have come across two great articles this week I want to share with you

First of them is a study (apparently Europe´s most comprehensive one) about colony deaths in Europe. And the results seem to be quite bad; especially in western European countries. It has mentioned winter colony mortality as high as 33,6 % (!)  Se

The second article, which touches the hearts (and stomachs) of all of us is a great article called simply “List of Foods we will lose if we don´t save the bees”. It is what it is – a list of food which bees pollinate and which would disappear if bees would perish!

Scary, isn´t it? To think that we would lose apples, strawberries, cherries, lemons….